Studio Owners

      Dear Studio Owner,As you may know, there are currently 20 million Americans practicing yoga in the US. This number is up 4.6 million in the last 4 years. With a growth rate of 30% in regular practioners, the number of yoga studios opening is inevitably rising. While we all love to hear of the popularity of yoga and the spiritual benefit that will follow in our country… it also brings a competitive market to studio owners. Developing a sense of community within your studio between the students ( and the teachers) is the most effective way to maintain the

loyalty of your students

      Honestly, we all like to feel at home wherever we choose to practice regardless of our skill level. The fastest and most powerful way to create this bond is by hosting an annual yoga retreat for your studio. Free Spirit Retreats has created an effortless and beneficial way for you to provide this to your students. We host a 6 day/7 night retreat in a beautiful yoga eco-lodge in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. It is situated between the jungle and the beach and is a tropical paradise

The benefits for you as an owner:

          • You will receive the Free Spirit Retreats all inclusive package without having to do the time consuming work it takes to coordinate a retreat. You will be listed as a host of the retreat on our website and the website of our lodging site.
          • We will do ALL the work and coordinating from the time of sign up until the last day of the retreat. We can confidently assure you that your students will be well taken care of and have the experience of a lifetime. As a host, you will just show up and enjoy the free vacation. You are welcome to teach as much or as little as you like.
          • The students will be excited and talking in the studio before and after the retreat about the experience they had and about the friendships and bonds they built. This helps to create the loyalty and commitment to your studio.
          • Please contact us at or 562-714-4371 to know all the economical incentives you will earn by bringing your students and to check all the available retreat week

To sign up:

        • A deposit of $600 will reserve your week. This will be refunded to you at the beginning of the retreat.
        • We will provide you with the marketing materials you will need (posters, flyers, email drafts, social media formatted jpegs)
        • We have a Minimum of 18 students and a maximum of 26 spots per retreats. In case you cannot reach this number of studio by yourself, we can help you by merging your group with students from another studio.

All the information about our retreats, photographs, and available dates are on our website or you can contact us at 562-714-4371 or

As you will see on our website, several studios have already signed up and are very excited to have this opportunity to develop a deeper sense of community within their studio.